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  • Money Making Ideas – Make Money Online Writing Articles

    People, who want to make money online writing articles, have a huge problem, because many of them don’t know how to do it at all. You might already be aware of this, but you can earn money from articles in two different ways: 1: You can sell your articles, and get paid directly. 2: You […]

  • How to Make Money Online Writing EBooks

    I’ve been a writer for a long time and digital publishing (eBooks) is a way that I’ve earned a lot of my income. I publish webpage content, blog posts and eBooks. All three can be done easily and for free, if you know how to do it. Writing and publishing eBooks is a great way […]

  • What is SEO Writing – A Simplified Explanation From an Experienced SEO Copywriter

    If you’re interested in freelance writing and do any type of web surfing on this niche, you’ve probably run across job ads that read something like, “Looking for an SEO article writer to provide ongoing content for credit repair site. 350-400 words; ongoing weekly assignments.” This is an SEO writing job. As there seems to […]

  • Make Money Writing Fanfiction Online Through Blogging

    Do you love writing fanfiction (or fanfics) as a hobby? There are a lot of people out there already writing fanfiction about their favorite anime, TV show or even movie series. But I bet not many of them are making money out of it. Why? Because the either probably don’t know how or they haven’t […]

  • Difference Between SEO Writing and Ghost Writing

    A person or a company may require understanding the difference between SEO writing and ghost writing while looking for a freelancer to outsource various types of writing projects. The SEO writing and the ghost writing are two form of writing quite different from each other. An SEO writer writes content for the SEO use specifically, […]