SEO Elite Vs Keyword Elite – Review

Finding the right keywords and implementing them on your pages in a search engine friendly way is a necessity if you want to expand your online business and increase your revenue. SEO Elite and Keyword Elite are two software packages designed for search engine marketers to allow them to do proper keyword research, on-page, and off-page search engine optimization to dominate the search engine results pages.

These software packages are not cheap, which means most folks can’t afford to purchase both. Thankfully, these packages come with many features that enable them to stand on their own.

SEO Elite is designed for serious search engine optimization professionals who want to optimize their on-page and off-page SEO efforts to achieve higher rankings on the search engines. The package allows you to analyze top sites on major engines to figure out the reasons behind their organic search success. You can also analyze your competitors to find out where they are getting their links from. You can also automatically submit your sites to link directories. If you decide to write articles and submit them to the article directories such as EzineArticles, you can do so easily with this software package.

Keyword Elite is a comprehensive keyword research tool that allows you to build long but targeted keyword lists on the fly. Unlike SEO-Elite, Keyword Elite is mostly designed to help marketers find killer niches that can be monetized through affiliate marketing and Google AdSense. The software allows you to find profitable niches for AdSense by showing you the CPCs that advertisers are willing to pay per each keyword. You can also analyze your competitors in your niche and find out what you can do to beat them in their own game. But what I like the most about Keyword Elite is the fact that it allows you to do the preliminary research that is needed to start building your own product.

In most ways, SEO Elite and Keyword Elite software packages are complimentary. You can find the best keywords in any niche and utilize them in a search engine friendly manner on your site using the Elite software. SEO-Elite is designed for folks who want to do heavy search engine optimization work. Keyword-Elite targets publishers and niche marketers. While you can get a lot of value by purchasing both software packages, they are not cheap and not for everyone. You need to do proper research to find out which package will give you the best chance to dominate your market.

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